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Frequently Asked Questions

{and the answers to them}

What's the difference between a Humanist wedding and a registry office wedding?

Both ceremonies are non-religious, but that's really where the similarities end.  As a Humanist wedding Celebrant, I'm committed to getting to know you before your wedding so that I can write a ceremony entirely unique to you. I can conduct your wedding at any time of the day or night, and on a Sunday too!  Humanist wedding fees tend to cost slightly more than registry office ceremonies, but this reflects the many hours of work we put into your bespoke ceremony up to and including the big day.

Do we have to be Humanists to have a Humanist wedding?

No!  Many of the couples I work with are non-religious but don't label themselves as Humanist.  Humanists tend to look to reason and science to make sense of the world, and try to live a meaningful and ethical life embracing compassion, empathy, equality and kindness, without belief in any gods.  If you are wondering how Humanist you are, take this fun Humanists UK quiz for the craic!

Are Humanist weddings legal in Northern Ireland?

Yes, they are! Thanks to the hard work of Humanists UK and Northern Ireland Humanists, our weddings became legally recognised in August 2018.  Of course, you don't have to have a legally-binding wedding - if you would prefer to hold a commitment ceremony instead without any legal standing, we can definitely arrange that!

Can you marry same-sex couples?

Absolutely!  Humanists UK and Northern Ireland Humanists were proud to campaign for the legalisation of same-sex marriage here in NI.  I am proud of my own work as an individual to offer a service which is inclusive of and accessible to all humans in love.

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How much do you charge?  Any extra fees?

My fee for writing and conducting your wedding ceremony is £550.  I am fully insured and accredited by Humanists UK, and a portion of my fee goes back into the organisation (which is a charity).

There are two other costs to consider, £44 per couple to the General Register Office of Northern Ireland for pre-wedding approvals and checks - which is payable no matter what type of wedding you have - and a processing fee of £40 per couple to Humanists UK (payable directly to them).  In the bigger picture of wedding costs, I hope you'll agree this isn't too extravagant a price to pay for what will be the most unique, super-special and unforgettable part of your wedding day.

You can pay in instalments if you wish, or do feel free to let me know of anything which might help you with payments.

What does your fee include?

  • As many meetings as we need to create your ideal wedding ceremony

  • Hours of planning, discussing, drafting and redrafting ideas

  • Dealing with legalities and statutory paperwork

  • All travel included

  • Writing and editing your ceremony script until it's perfect

  • Liaising with all parties on the big day itself to ensure all goes smoothly

  • Delivery of your dream wedding ceremony!

  • Being on the end of the phone when you need me day or night leading up to your big day, countless hours obsessing over your ceremony, and a huge chunk of my brain dedicated entirely to you!

We aren't from Northern Ireland, can we still get married there?

Yes, you can - and you should!  The North of Ireland is such a stunning place,with historic and beautiful landscapes just crying out to be photographed, and the friendliest people waiting to celebrate your wedding and welcome you to our little corner of the world.  Wherever you are in the universe, i can help you to organise and arrange your special day, and would be delighted to do so.  Some of my upcoming weddings are being arranged from England and New York - we've got this!

FAQs: Event Portfolio
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