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Your Wedding,
Your Way

Your big day should be all about YOU.

You are in love, you are engaged, you want to make a public commitment to each other, whether that's in front of 200 people or just 2... You have made decisions both trivial and profound, from who is in your wedding party to what bus company you'll book to get merry revellers home safely, from the shoes on your feet to the thoughts in your head as you contemplate your upcoming marriage.

Your entire wedding day is created by the decisions you both make, and your wedding ceremony should be no different.  With a Humanist wedding, every decision is yours.  You can choose the structure, the tone, the people involved, the readings, the music, the poems, the symbolic rituals which reflect the two of YOU, without any limitations imposed by religious or civic traditions.

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Your Wedding: About

How does it work?

Initially, we would meet on Zoom for a no-obligation chat about all things wedding, and to see if I'm the right Celebrant for you.  If I am, great!  Next, we sort out the boring bits (contract, terms and conditions, deposit) and then the real fun begins!  Through chats, couple's quizzes and further meetings I gather your ideas and wishes and shape them into the ceremony you deserve.
I write your unique ceremony from scratch, guiding and supporting you to choose all the elements which will make up your dream wedding.
You can have a read of the ceremony the week before the big day, and suggest edits if you wish, although it's lovely to keep some aspects a surprise too!  On the day itself I will liaise with your wedding team - photographers, videographers, ring-bearers, readers etc - to ensure everyone is feeling happy and confident about their role.  Then, I marry you!
If this sounds like the type of wedding you would love, please do get in touch!

Your Wedding: About
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